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Precise Industrial Automation & Information Management

At Morehouse Engineering, a high standard of achievement is used in industrial automation and information management. Our Hopewell, New Jersey-based firm, pairs automation control and information with industry-specific software applications to offer our clients first class solutions that increase visibility and control across the plant, regardless of location.
Our engineers use a powerful range of products and system configuration tools, including:
  • U's & Process Controllers
  • ADA & DCS Systems (Wide Area SCADA & LAN-Based Plant Systems)
  • Single & Multi-Loop Controllers
  • Sensors, Switches, Transmitters, Control, & Safety Components
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Information Management

Full integration of your entire manufacturing enterprise and improvement of information visibility at every level of business and operations management ensures the production of a quality product . Dynamic changes in processing requirements, increased levels of compliance reporting, and the pressure to optimize operating budgets make all the information captured, and managed by automation systems, critical to long-term success. We use Historian™, an optimized database management tool, to capture and retain time-streamed process data.

Our Specialties:

  • WFI Systems
  • High Viscosity Material Handling
  • High Temperature Jacketed Piping • Sanitary Piping
  • High Vacuum Systems
  • Autoclaves and Lyophylizers

Control System Integration

Let Morehouse Engineering integrate your control devices and control systems into one intelligent automation solution.
With unique experience in a broad base of today's information, integration, and internet technologies, as well as deep knowledge of control systems, MEI will gladly select, evaluate, combine, and apply technology to match your particular manufacturing environment.
Morehouse Engineering provides clients with practical and reliable network systems for process control and system monitoring. Without a strong network, data cannot be depended upon. Clients are providedwith the best choices for the job using our knowledge and experience through the design, installation, setup and startup phases. 
Using various transmission mediums in our projects, including hard wire, fiber optic, radio, and dialup-line modem applications, our team can get you connected or assist with a current installation, as well as unify all your video, audio, data, access control, and alarm management functionality and requirements into one command-and-control center.
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